Ethereum Fdn. Launches Community Grant Program to Support ETH2.0 Dev.

Ethereum Updates

Quick take:

  • The Ethereum Foundation is calling on developers to help build the ETH2.0 Ecosystem
  • This will be in the form of community grants
  • ETH2.0 mainnet deposit address is live with Phase 0 staking currently at 13.61%

Mid-last week, the Ethereum Foundation announced that it was launching a Community grants program geared towards building the ETH2.0 staking and validator ecosystem. The Ethereum Foundation went on to explain that there was more work to be done and the Ethereum developer community was an essential cog of the process.

The Ethereum Foundation is funding the creation of tools, documentation, and resources to make for a delightful staking and validator experience.

While the spirited staker ecosystem has already made great progress with respect to public good community resources, we are still in the early days and there’s more work to do!

All Are Welcome to Participate in Submitting Proposals

The announcement went on to clarify that the submission of proposals was open to anyone, or team, with a brilliant idea related to any aspect of ETH2.0. Additionally, ideas and projects at any stage of development were also welcome. This includes those in the idea phase, proof of concept stage, those that are a work in progress and even projects that are almost complete.

Phase 0 of ETH2.0 at 13.61%

At the time of writing, Phase 0 of ETH2.0 is at 13.61%. This is according to on-chain data courtesy of the team at CryptoQuant who have a dedicated dashboard focused on tracking the progress of the Ethereum upgrade. Below is one of the charts that shows the progress of Phase 0 derived from the amount of ETH sent to the deposit contract.

Ethereum Fdn. Launches Community Grant Program to Support ETH2.0 Dev. 15

Phase 0 of ETH2.0 requires deposits of 32 ETH by 16,384 validators. This means that a total of 524,288 ETH, or roughly 0.46% of Ethereum’s total circulating supply, needs to be sent to the deposit contract to trigger Phase 0 on December 1st.

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